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About Us
Welcome to Gold Hill Kennels, We are Bobby & Lisa Kemp and we live in Gold Hill NC, on a 35 acre spread. We have been raising Rottweilers for over 20 years. We try to protect all of our pups from falling into the wrong hands. We believe that the Rottweiler should be apart of your family.  We  are still learning on this incredible journey and have learned a lot in the past about the Rottweiler and always strive to produce the Perfect Rottweiler that is sound in mind, body and conformation.  All of our breeding dogs come from Germany and Europe lines and are picked for their awesome temperaments, beauty, health history and excellent pedigrees. We don't just look at a dog's looks or pedigree when deciding on breeding, the dog must have a sound temperament also..
Our dogs love their home and are with us throughout the day and spend their days running in the yard, chasing the ball, playing in the water, laying beside our chairs outside or following us around in the yard and in the woods. Our dogs are a part of our everyday activities. Finding appropriate and loving homes for our puppies is very important to us. Our dogs are raised to be loving and loyal family companions. Our puppies have outstanding looks with big heads and with lots of expression and intelligence. They are what a true Rottweiler is meant to be... Each of our dogs is given individual attention, care, exercise and training. Early stimulation and continued socialization are very important to the mental development of puppies. Our Puppies are handled the day they are born, and we socialize them with new smells and noises throughout their 8 weeks here. During their eight weeks here they are closely watched to make sure that each puppy is getting the individual attention that he/she needs to develop properly and also that they all have equal opportunity to mother's milk.  We also tend to bottle feed them for extra socializing and handling. They get tons of attention  from us and our family when they come to visit. At the age of 4 to 5 weeks old, the puppies are taken on short outings where they learn to follow and come when called. We also believe that individual attention away from their littermates is crucial at this time. We try to spend time with each puppy with one on one to socialize it and to get it use to being away from the littermates, which makes it easier on them day by day.
(Lisa's Story)
For me, breeding Rottweilers is my passion & hobby, I have always loved animals for as long as I can remember. My childhood dream was to become a Veterinarian to help animals of all kinds. I was in a family of 6, with 3 siblings and always had pets as we grew up. I remember just an old mutt dog named Tramp, a scruffy looking mixed German Shepherd dog. He was a great dog, and I loved him dearly. But....I remember when I seen my first Rottweiler, it was truly an amazing animal. I knew from that very moment that was the Breed I wanted in my life.  When I got older, I  purchased my first female Rottweiler back in 1994 from a lady in Concord NC, I named her Shadow and she lived up to that name. Shadow went everywhere with me and was a very socialized girl. Shadow's bloodlines included: Gameguards Hoity Toity, Ch. Ironwood's Cade CD,Gameguards Do It To It, Ch. Bronko vom Rauberfield, just to mention a few. Shadow was an amazing girl who loved me so much, she wanted to be with me everywhere I went. When Shadow turned 2 years old, I decided to breed her. I searched a long time for a male to breed Shadow with. I found a cop who had a working dog that was on K-9 unit, his dog's name was Herr Beau Von Kleinburg, but He called him Blade. Blade was an awesome Rottweiler and had a great temperament with an awesome bloodline with many, many Champions including; Ch. Di Dio's Dancing Dozer, Ch. Arri von Der Hembachbrucke, Ch Debo's Arizona Aftermath, Ch. Rowehaus' Adi VD Lowenau, Intl. Ch. Ives Eulenspiegel, BISH Ch. Azuro Vom Rowehaus and many many more. So we decided to breed the two together and in doing so I got my Weaver's Bad Boy. Shadow lived to be 12 years old and had a very healthy life with no health problems whatsoever. Being 12 years old her death was expected, but it wasn't long enough. She is still missed today and will remain in my heart forever. 
Bad Boy was an awesome dog that weighed around 130 lbs when he was 3 years old. He got his temperament from his Mother, but he was a great protector. I would walk him down a long road that had very few houses on it and if someone were to even think about stopping, he would let them know that they had better keep going. Bad Boy had never bitten anyone and was very well socialized when he was young but when he turned 6 to 7 years old he changed and would do fine when customers would come over to visit the puppies, people could walk up to him and talk to him, but if they tried to pet him, he would let them know that was unacceptable with him. When Bobby and I got together, it took Bad Boy 6 months to accept Bobby into mine and his life. Bobby even brought him doggie snacks for 6 months straight, he finally accepted him into our lives and loved Bobby dearly after that. He lived to be a few days from being 13 years old. He chose not die in my arms, he didn't want me to hurt even in his death. Bad Boy will live in our hearts forever. He truly was an amazing dog and a true example of the breed.
Bobby also has over 30 years of experience in raising and breeding Coon dogs for hunting, and might I say he has had some of the best hunting dogs around the world with many, many, many trophies to prove it.
Now Bobby loves the Rottweiler and does very well with the training and other socialization that they need. He is very good at what he does in helping our breeding program. He believes in having the best dogs possible in our kennels and strives to better the breed by picking only the best dogs and having them health tested before they are bred.
Thank you for taking time to read about us. Hope we can help you get your new best friend., Gold Hill Kennels, Rottweilers, Rottweiler breeders, puppies, rottweiler puppies for sale,