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Hi Lisa 
Zeus is doing great . He so gentle and obedient . Still gets a little excited when new people come around but we are working on that. He is 100 pounds last vet check . We love him
he is VERY SPOILED. . Thanks for a awesome dog .
Tammy Sutton
Hi Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that Bullet passed his puppy exam with flying colors!
 He was a whopping 36lbs! Dr Green LOVED him!! Said he was beautiful! No worms, heart beat was perfect and said he could come inside and start crate training! 
He is enjoying the pool today! His favorite toys are an empty water bottle, cloth rag and tennis balls! He is already sitting, walking on a lead and we are working on his "stay". 
Thank you for blessing us with our new family member! We are so happy to have him as part
of the pack! 
Hi Lisa!
I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner; I wanted to get some Blitz pictures together so that I could send you some updated ones. Married life is great and Blitz is doing well! I'm still working on a couple of issues, mainly him being reactive to vehicles and other dogs when on a leash, but he's getting there! He and our Chocolate Lab (Drake, 1 year old) joined us on our family vacation to the beach and enjoyed every minute of it! I included a couple pics from our vacation. I got several compliments on how great (and happy) Blitz looks from other beach-goers. Blitz and Drake are best friends and love swimming around in our pool together. They seem to really enjoy each other's company. I have a profile on Instagram and I mainly post pics of Blitz on there, so he now has over 1,000 fans, which is unbelievable to me! It's so great to meet other people on there that appreciate the Rottweiler breed and want to improve their reputation. I can't imagine not having Blitz in my life, since he's such a huge part of it. I can't thank you enough for raising such great ambassadors for this amazing breed!!
-Shannon Hayden
Tiberius is doing awesome. We are calling him Odin. He graduated from puppy obedience and starts intermediate obedience on Tuesday. He is a little over 60 pounds now and developing wonderfully. We have attached a picture of him and Ivy. Hope things are going well with you.
Regards, Tim
Going to work on the video, it is awesome...we had just raked the leaves and he figured out that he LOVES to play in the leaves, it really is adorable! Thank you for such a GREAT pup! He has made me smile more in two months than I have in a very long time!
Rayna is doing very well and settling right into the daily routine. It is fun to watch her and Outlaw bonding, and she sure doesn't take any mess off of him even with his 3x weight advantage. As with Outlaw we could not be any more pleased with the way she is developing. She went through her first vet appointment with flying colors.  It has been really interesting to see the personality differences inthem at the same stages. She is very laid back and easy going while Outlaw continues to have an almost endless supply of energy. We get them both out in the yard for some good exercise a minimum of once a day and often they are getting out several times each day.
I will send you some pictures of them soon so you can see how they
are progressing. Thanks to you and Bobby for getting us off to a
great start.
Hi Lisa
Took him to vet and he got a clean bill of health.Vet said that he is prefect and gave him his shots. No worms....Vet and his staff were very impressed with him. Thank you!
We go back in 3weeks for round 2 shots. He is a hoot and we love him. Wen we go for walks, He does well on the lease, but I usually have to carry him back. Ha! Oh, he weighs 13.8 pounds and the vet said that he would probably get to 135-140 pounds.
I won't be carrying him then. I will send pics just as soon as I can get him to be still. Thank you again and thank you for being our brother and sister in
Christ Jesus. Bobby made a great impression on Jack and Jack was talking about what a fine man he is. I love talking with you Lisa and to talk to a fellow
believer That isn't ashamed our Lord. Take care.
Unworthy, be kept by His Grace,
Cathy and Jack
I wanted to thank you for giving me such a blessing. Xander is 14 weeks now and he is the smartest puppy I know! He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, shake, roll over and he even plays dead!! We are constantly playing tug of war and catch! He is about 30 pounds now and growing by the second.
He is very sweet just like his dad Chance! Thank you again and I will keep you posted! 
Good evening Lisa,
Updating you on Boston. He is really getting polished on obedience.
His on lead is very good and his off lead is solid. He enjoys bit work and/or anytime his pay is a bite. His latest work in KNPV stuff is coming along well. 
I wanted to let you know that I'd be available to train for your customers that may be looking. I'd be able to offer a discount to owners that have purchased dogs through your kennel. 
Thanks,  Dan

Hi Lisa,
I hope you are wonderful! We are checking your web every now and then and see you have had beautiful puppies..... We just wanted to say hi. Buzi is such a wonderful girl, and almost 2 years old. Such an awesome buddy! Couldn't wish for a better fury friend! 💚
Buzi is at the top of picture.
Fydor Vom Haus Gold Hill, owned by Jeff Aldrige in Connecticut..
Hi Bobby & Lisa
Fydor aka Blaze was watching his master bring a piece of wood to the stove . He is always watching out for me and I love him so very much and he is so awesome to me.  Please pray that he never, ever leaves my side. God bless you Bobby and Lisa for all you do.

Our Happy Customers




Brooklyn had her first class last weekend and was
the teachers pet. Take care, Dan


Hope all is well with you and your family. Jax is doing very well he is absolutely the most loving dog I've ever owned and is the mirror of my beloved Harley every day he does something that keeps his memory forever in my heart, I miss him but Jax has replaced the hurt I felt when I lost him. He is so much a lap dog 112lbs now and loves his family and is quick to let us know when someone or something is near that shouldn't be "trust your dog". I have had some renovations done on my house and ther was one guy he would not let in the yard which I later learned got fired for stealing from a homeowner hummm good boy!!!
God Bless & Take Care,
Pam Moss
Boston has progressed quite well with training. I am still
keeping it somewhat basic - although basic for us seems fairly
 advanced to others. He knows AUS (pronounced "Ouse"') for
out/let go. Also, Nim Futter, Packen/Fass, Box, Nein and a few others.
We are training this one in German. As a Rotti owner for nearly 20 years, I want to tell you what a fine job you have done with your
breeding! Boston will be training in several "areas" as he matures.
We will keep you posted. 
Dan & Anna Carter
Awwwww. Thanks Lisa – we feel the same way. She was definitely a gift delivered from God along with you and Bobby’s friendship.
Hope all of her siblings are doing well and settling in too. 
She is really doing good on her crate training too. I would say we are probably 80 to 90% on the housebreaking but she is really getting good.
She does not mess in her crate and just whimpers a little while when we all go to bed at night. For only being with us for a little
 over a week, she is doing great. She loves to play with the boys and they got her some tug toys. Yesterday after school they were
 throwing a baseball in the front yard and she was having a blast running back and forth between them. It was quite funny. Then they
 played tug of war with her pull toy and she was in heaven. I will have to send you a video of her playing tug of war. She is a hoot
. And so strong too. The boys are really great with her and so responsible. The entire event has been a blessing to us. 
Take care Lisa and give our best to Bobby.
Lisa and Bobby,
We hope this finds you both well. I wanted to reach
out and give you an update on how Outlaw is doing.
He made the ride home on Saturday like the superstar
he is. He has settled in very nicely at the house and has
 already made friends with Katie Scarlett O'Hara
(our adult cat). The two of them are very comfortable
and when he gets a bit too rambunctious for
her she just politely walks away. He is doing well
with the transition to the EVO and started with a 25/75
for 2 days and is now onto 50/50
 for 2 days and then 75/25 for 3 days and then he will be
fully at 100% new. His bowel movements are solid and
very regular. He is sleeping through the
night and has settled into his crate in the evening
very nicely.  His first vet appointment was
last night and she was very pleased with him and his
check up.  Finally, and I know we've probably told you this
100 times already; but we could not be any more please
with Outlaw and the experience we
have had with the two of you throughout this entire
process.  Please keep us posted on Hannah and your
thoughts around the timing of breeding her and if a female
from her litter would be a good match for Outlaw from a
breeding standpoint. We will also be watching the pictures of
 Chance and Asia's litter with the idea that
 maybe next year we would look for a female from
Asia as well. We will send pictures soon.
Thanks again, our family is better because of y'all.
Trey & Tina

I hope that when you get this email you and your husband are doing well. Today is Tyron's 1st birthday and wanted to send you some photos. My husband is deployed in his 4th deployment so I am the lead pack leader now and maybe the only one while my husband is not here. Tyron is very lovable and sweet. He still has lots of puppy in him and can not be left unsupervised in any moment. He loves to play fetch with the ball like his dad Chance. He stills imitates the chihuahua trying to sleep on (Jasper) the chihuahua's bed, on my lap, and in every small corners he cannot fit. I have had to learn to get accustomed to his size while he follows me all day. On December 19th we got him nurtured he weight 80 lbs (I remember because it is what I weight). The first night I did not sleep watching him. I was very worried because it was the first time I had to take care of a dog after operation. But thank God we had no complications and everything went well. Because we did not intended on breading Tyron nurturing was the best option for him. He gets lots of compliments because of his hair and his body. He looks like a very strong healthy puppy. Some comments are that he has a big head while others say he has very big paws. I specifically notices his shine coat and the muscles when he runs outside, like when one looks at a horse. But no matter were he goes people notices him. He had taken the basic puppy training but Perez did not get the chance to do the finial test to get the actual certificate. I do not know if Perez has kept you update about that. However, I am glad we did the training because the command come in handy to control and keep Tyron safe. Well have a nice day hope you enjoy the photos.

Hi Lisa,
Attached is an updated picture of Nyla that we took
today. She is doing so great! We took her to the vet for her last
 set of shots this week and she is weighing 53 pounds!! Such
a big girl! We also started in training classes. She is doing
really well with those as well, we have 2 classes left
until she graduates. Thanks again!!!!!
Lauren and Ronnie
Hi Lisa,
Just thought I’d update you on Ziva and let you know
how she is doing.  Attached is a picture
taken on Thanksgiving Day (not very flattering of me
but shows her well!). Getting good pics of hers has
proven difficult for me for some reason. 
She weighs around 30 lbs now and is doing well.
She gets her last series of shots next week.
We are in our first puppy training class
(where I am learning how to teach her).
 In the spring we will take an intermediate class.
She is a very sweet girl and I can’t imagine
not having her around...I hope you are doing well. 
Have a wonderful Christmas. 
As you can see Luna is filling out nicely. She has a very sweet disposition. She is very eager to learn. She goes to work three days
 a week with my husband Sean and is very loved by all his co workers. She also shows signs if being a great therapy dog . A woman with ms
 works near him and she comes to visit with Luna many times a day and Luna is very gentle and loving to her.
She is all around a great Rottweiler.
My husband wants to know how your husband is?
Wishing all the best to you and your family.
Becky and Sean Flynn

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner but I wanted to get back to you with an update on the new puppy we picked up on the Oct. 6th. We had a nice long ride back to PA but he did well on the ride and then seemed to adjust to his new surroundings just fine. I also wanted you to know that we took him over to our vet on the 10th and then he is due back there in the beginning of next week to get the shots he needs. I have been meaning to email you and just hadn’t done it but we wanted to thank you for your all your help with little “NUCKY” and we really love him. He is a handsome little fellow, he’s smart and friendly, but it’s great watching him see and learn about his surroundings. I will be updating you as we go along here, and send some photos as well. Many, many thanks again, and I hope all well. Thank You !! Jim. 
Frontier Vom Haus Gold Hill & Shannon
Wow, a lot has happened since I sent you the last update on Blitz! He joined us on our family vacation to Avon, NC in August and loved it! While there, we got professional photos taken on the beach. Blitz was included in a couple of them, so I attached these to the e-mail. Our neighbors across the road loved Blitz! They have a 5 year old male Rottie, so they would always want to pet Blitz everytime we saw them while walking. Blitz enjoyed playing in the waves and digging in the sand!
Our wedding took place on September 29th and just a few days before I took some bridal portraits with Blitz. I couldn't resist getting him a red bowtie for the photos. I attached a couple of these to the e-mail, too. Blitz was not actually in the wedding, but did well for these photos! Immediately after the wedding, Jeremy and I moved into our brand new house with fenced-in backyard. Blitz now has plenty of room to run without a leash and enjoys all the space! He has done awesome in the new house and loves his new brother, Joker (Jeremy's 13 year old Beagle mix). We also have a 7 month old kitten and Blitz enjoys playing with him! Blitz is doing very well with his commands and loves to fetch. He is SO smart and amazes me daily. We also have a weekly visit from my friend, who has a German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix male and he enjoys playing with Blitz. My friend has commented on how calm, well-behaved, and handsome Blitz is! Thank you so much for such an awesome dog! I'll continue to keep you updated. 
Take Care,
Shannon Berry Hayden

Major with his new best friend Skyler
Leviathan aka Bear is doing great! He has been involved in a lot of
training and is progressing well. His trainer LOVES him. 
Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Hope all is well there! We are doing great! Zeus loves to play! He
started puppy kindergarten- for the social aspect, loves to chomp onto
others tails so we are working to correct that! Haha! He started
walking on the leash really well so he goes for a loop around the
block a lot. He started getting mouthy but you can see his teeth
coming in - ouch ! Not mouthy on furniture or things- on me! :)
He is getting so big! He and Marley are the same height. He really
likes his crate- no accidents in it!! Here is a pic I took a few
 minutes ago!
- Jennifer
Just an update on Leah. Have decided to call her
Lacee. She has adjusted
 surprisingly well. No in the house accidents
at all. In the crate for short
 periods for safety and VERY well tolerated
(blanket with mama's scent a big help).
Going to the vet today. Thanks so much
for a beautiful dog.

Remington is doing great, he just completed Pet
Smarts Intermediate Training class. He weighs
in right about 60 pounds and is growing quickly. He
is a very happy pup, he loves hanging out with his
cousins (my sisters two dogs) and going to the dog park.
He has fit in just great with my wife and I and is very
special to both of us. He gets along great with other
people and other dogs and is always looking to make
friends with everyone he meets. You should hear his
bark though (sounds like a full grown dog), if someone
comes to the door he is protective until he knows we are
okay with that person. We love him very much and
thanks again for letting us take him home. Hope you
enjoy the pictures!
The Dickerson's

Sorry that I haven't sent you any pictures.
Attach are a few of our puppy Tyron. He is a
very nice dog. At first the Chihuahua did not liked
him but they are like brothers now.
He loves to lay on his back and for peopleto rub
his belly. His is already potty train
and crate train. He likes to chew on everything
but when he is told to stop
he stop right away.  Today was his first visit
to the groomers. He behaved like a champ.
He is up to date with all his shots and I will
begin to take him to training next month. Well,
Thanks a lot. I will continue sending pictures
as he grows.
Hi Lisa
Thought you would like to see him. He has turned
into a beautiful dog!
He is so good! So smart. Wish you lived closer
so we could visit!
Tracy Crews
Briar-Rose is amazing and has a wonderful
personality. It is amazing to watch her
 play by herself and with the girls. Her eyes light
up when the two older girls get
home from school during the week. Each of them
get loved on by her,
she missed them and lets them know it. She is a
wonderful playmate for
Courtney during the day while Sarah and Cassidy
are at school. We love
her so much!!! Briar-Rose is amazing as always.
Potty training wasn't
hard, she was potty trained completely by the
time she was twelve weeks
old. She is so smart! We have taught her to scratch
the door like Merlin
 when she needs to go, so now if no one is
looking she will
scratch the door to get our attention.
It is amazing
to watch her grow! She is one of the girls
and gets sad if they go outside
without her. She is such a joy!
Enzo Vom Haus Gold Hill Aka Gator
Yup, handsome brut. He loves his new pool.
 Pretty good swimmer.
Yes actually a few. We call her Ferkel which
is German for little piglet.
Here are some photos plus we have a couple links
on youtube of her playing at the dog
park with her buddies. Enjoy!
Cadie Rose has grown up to be
a beautiful girl! She is very spoiled, and we Love
her very much! She is very protective
and does not miss anything new or different.
I’ve had a hip replacement and have
not been riding but in March, Cadie and
I will be back on the trails. Can’t wait!
She is very pretty and very protective.
Was her mom like that? She even growls
at bugs and lizards when they venture on the
 front porch and she is laying by the
front door! We have had her spayed and
microchipped and she is up to date on
her vaccines and heartworm prevention.
We love her andshe is part of our family.
We have a little long haired chichi and he and
Cadie play together. I'm constantly amazed at how
gentle she is with him! Stay in touch.
Just wanted to let you know we weighed Fara yesterday and she is 80lbs (and still growing). I can't believe she's not even a year yet and weighs that much...with at least one more year to grow I am really wondering how big she will be. I attached 3 pics I took yesterday...she is such a love and you can see it in the pic of her with her head laying down. Her personality has become so wonderful. She has her hyper moments but for the most part she wants to just be close by and rubbed under her chin. Plus she is one smart cookie. Hope all is well.
Axel Vom Haus Gold Hill & Izzi Vom Haus Gold Hill
We are so happy with our Max. he is so smart
 and loving! Max (fritz) is almost11 months and he weighs 110 lbs.
 Hope ya'll have a wonderful holiday season and hope you like the pics.

We call him Deuces but he is a George in your books. I will send
 more pics but they will come one at a time because I am sending
them from my phone. We love our puppy. Thank you for
what you do with your life.
Amanda Lundy
Harley and Kayla
Fara at 6 months old.
Just wanted to say hello and tell you Fara is still doing wonderful.
She is by far one of the best dogs I have ever had. She is great with the
kids, they can lay right on top of her and she just lets them.
I also swear she understands me when I talk to her, she is the best
listener in my household (lol). I will send you a funny picture of her
tomorrow when I load it into the computer, you are going to laugh.
She's enjoying a nice relaxing swim. I hope you enjoy them.
Everything checked out good for him. We go back July 2nd for his
next shots. Crate training is going real well. He loves it outside, but
he has already found his spot on the a/c vent beside the
 fireplace. He lays on it on his back with his back legs wide open.
Loves riding around in car, but not taking him around other dogs or people
until he gets all his shots, but he loves people. Walking him on leash
was an experience he didn't like it at all, but he has adjusted. I could keep
on talking about him all day! he is doing excellent and growing everyday,
I will keep you updated on all visits to the vet. THANKS for a wonderful dog. 
Thought you'd like to see Sam at 3 years (April 23, 2008 litter).
Almost perfect form, not overweight, about 125-130, very healthy & still
mischievous (read: new furniture has been ordered).
We've fed "Canidae All Life Stages" - I'm convinced it accounts for his
soft, silky coat and excellent form/health but not sure about his childish attitude).
Thanks for your excellent breeding & feeding suggestion - expensive but worth it!
Paul and Cindy Breden
Purlear, NC
Fia went to the vet on April 18th and all is good with her check up.
 Scheduled her next set of shots for May 2nd. House training going
 well, and we have bonded. She loves wandering on my property and I expose
her to a little more territory every day as not to overwhelm her.
Recent storm on Saturday has left many sticks for her to play with in her
travels. Looking forward to you sending those documents soon.
Will keep you posted on her development.
Regards, David Clock
Hello Lisa,
Hope all is well. I'm happy to report that Goku has passed his puppy exam at the Vet this
morning with flying colors! We are still waiting on the stool sample results, but I'm
sure they'll be fine. I've also gone ahead and completed the AKC registration
 for the little guy.  Goku is doing great! He had his first bath on Saturday and loves his
 new home. He is doing so well with his potty training, with only a few accidents inside.
Such a fast learner! I'll be loading more pics to Facebook, along with videos. 
Thank you again for all your help and guidance. You've truly added a special addition
to our little family! :) Thanks again and God bless you!
Fabio at 7 months old
I walked down to them cuddling on the couch together.


Europa, my darling,  has the best temperament!  And work drive!
of friends and you were right, she does try to rule over him,
and he let's her! Lol! (well except if food is in the equation, lol!) 
 Zeus is very protective over her. He reminds me of Chambray and her puppies, lol!
But he really is a gentle giant. Very loving to the children, and protective
 over all of us!  We couldn't ask for more, thank you Lisa for the time
 and dedication that you have put into breeding! 
Happy Birthday to Zora!  Here are some photos of Zora. 
She has gotten big and has been a great addition to the family! 
I think she thinks she's another kid. 
 He is 60 pounds right  as of yesterday. When I took him to the vet last month for his
 check up I ask about him being about ten pounds under what the normal for rottie pups.
He was 50 at six  Months. I feed him high quality dog food by what it says. The vet told me
 not to be concerned because he was not skinny. He said he would rather me not try and
overfeed him because if he became overweight at this stage of growing it
could affect his hips. So we are monitoring him carefully right now. He is very handsome
and muscular! He has the best personality! Oh how he loves to eat!
I hope by a year he catches up!
Hi Lisa,
Here are some pictures of Maximus (Anubis) from a few weeks
ago during our first significant snow.
Charles Travers

Hey Bobby and Lisa,
Thanks so much for choosing Nya for us. She is as cute as she wants to be, and the vet says she has
the most amazing temperament he has seen in a rottie. We know where to go when we decide we
want to get a boy! Here are some updated pics of Nya. Thanks again for letting us get her. She has to be the smartest dog I have ever had. She is even able to stay out during the day without being in the crate.
 I have her enrolled in trailing classes later this fall. Also looking for Schutzhund in the area too,  Thanks again and will try to get some action
 pics of her in the trailing class.  Dennis 
Here are some pics of Max. He is growing daily. We
love him very much and thank you and Bobby for allowing us to add him to our
family. He enjoys playing fetch with anything you throw, and loves laying
at our feet. He is also becoming very protective of Trey and Rylee as he
tries to herd them away from the gate and keep them from going out of
the yard. He is a wonderful dog and we are looking forward to him
 growing old with us.
Thank you,
Derrick Hall
Hello Lisa,
Happy 1 year to Mama Mia's F litter. I can't believe Fara is already a year old. She has calmed down so much and really has become a wonderful dog. She's not a jumper, barker, wanderer or beggar. She knows all her commands via verbal or hand motion. She loves the kids and they can climb all over her and she will just lay there and let them. She always has to be by John or my matter what room of the house we are in, she will be laying right next to you. I just can't express how much I love her and am glad she is part of the family. I have attached a pic of her outside that I took about 2 weeks ago. 
Hope all is well and keep up the good work.
Hi Lisa,
Here is a picture of our Carl from November. I have not sent any pics because
 we were having computer problems. I will send a more recent one soon. He is beginning
to look a lot like his father Ash , but still lots of Mia too. He is a joy and a pleasure although
he has not turned out to be laid back as we had hoped. We call him the energizer bunny he just
keeps going and going. He weighed 58lbs at 5 months. He has been completely house broken since
about 16 weeks and is very intelligent and very hard headed. He of course eats
anything that is not nailed down and some things that are. He eats
 brooms, rocks, ropes, and lots of wood. The 5 year old rottie male of
my sons' adopted him and they get along great. He is just what we needed to get
over the loss of Luke. 
Hi Lisa and Bobby
 Here's a good picture of him and his little sister Peaches. We are proud to say as of 2
 Weekends ago he is finally sleeping in the house at night without being in his kennel. I think he
 is loving life now being able to watch over things the way he wants to. It's hard to believe he will be
 2 years old in another month, but we are very happy with him and his personality. Thanks to you and
 Bobby again for a wonderful addition to our family. I'll try and upload some extra photos tonight
 after his bath for you as well. 
Thanks again.
Hi Lisa,
I forgot to tell you, but I dropped by the vet with Thor last
Wednesday to weigh him. He was 105 lbs.! I couldn't believe it, a little
 over 8 months old and already over 100 lbs. I have got to get some better
 pics of him. How's Ace doing? Talk to you soon....
Admiral's level of intelligence is astonishing! He is so calm and well behaved.
Here are some pics so far. He loves to lie on the back porch on my quilt.
Admiral is doing great! He’s doubled in size!!! He is so sharp
and well behaved. I go with him outside and he potties with no hassle.
His coat is so shiny and vibrant. His colors are divine. 
I will send more pictures when he stops playing for a second!
I love this dog with all my heart. Thanks again to both you and Bobby!
Ryan & Zulfia

Zora  seems to be adjusting well. We all ready love her to pieces.
She has bonded very well with Grey and plays with the boys
She is learning her name. She hears it quite a bit with everyone pleading
for her attention, no wonder she sleeps so sound.
Hi Lisa, 
Everyone is excited about Gracie.  She is so mellow and sweet. 
Thank you for granting us the opportunity to add her to our family.
The kids enjoy pampering and playing with her, and she certainly
does not seem to mind the extra attention. Thank you again for the loving puppy.
I have included some pictures, hope you enjoy them.
Stephanie and Dan
Hi Lisa, hope you had a great Christmas and new year! We sure did :)
 We had a great little blessing come to us on thanksgiving day a little
girl 7lbs 15oz and Diesel is in love with her! He loves to lick her toes
and just lay his head on my lap to watch her. Diesel has been a great dog!
 He loves everyone and anyone that will love on him. He always is there to
greet us when we get home. He has been one amazing dog. He is around 140lbs
now one big boy! I'm just amazed at what a great dog he is he never fights
 with any other dogs just always wants to play with them.
Thank you so much for such a great dog! Here is a pic of your
new little one and also one of diesel We soon will have one of both
together once she can sit up
Hi Lisa, Just thought I would send a picture of Trinity, she is a great girl.
Hey Lisa, I know its been a long time, but just wanted to give you
an update on Ella Mae. She turns 1 in 4 days and we have already got
 her presents! She is about 90 lbs like her mama and a sweetheart with
 tons of personality! She understands the word 'snuggle' and the minute I
say it, she jumps on the bed, rolls on her back and grumbles until we get
there to pet her! We've made a lot of new friends in Oklahoma
and she loves her new big back yard. We haven't met a dog she doesn't like!
Hope everything is going great for you and your family!
Take care,
Hello Lisa,
I hope you had a good 4th of July   =) I attached two pics of Otis
that I took today. He is awesome; we love him SOO much. He is definitely
the ultimate ladies man- he loves to hang out with me and my girl friends,
 he loves to cuddle and be pet! We go running, to the dog park,
the beach, and all over- he loves to run and play fetch. I'm so obsessed with him.
Thanks again... I'll keep you updated on his status. -Melanie
Hey Lisa,
it's been a long time...thought I would send you some
new pictures of my meat head. Talk to you soon,  Chelly
Jewels is doing really well.  She is great with the kids and they j
ust love her so much.  We kept her in a crate when we first brought
her to the house because we weren’t sure how she’d do in the house, but
now we keep her out and she does not chew anything or get into anything
or go to the bathroom in the house.  She does try and sneak on the couch,
 though LOL. She’s really starting to get more verbal (like you had told us).
 When she wants something she’ll come and just bark at us.  The one night she
followed my husband around the house barking at him.  He couldn’t figure
out what she wanted.  She had been outside, she had eaten.  I told him that
 I thought she just wanted to play.  She does love to get attention.  The
kids are always hugging on her and playing with her.  I love when she does
that, though, it’s so cute. I  also cannot believe how well she listens.  She
was after me to let her outside one day and she had just been out, but I let her
 out again and I realized there was a cat that she was eying up.  Well, she went
to run over to it, and I told her no and called her back and she listened.  I was
very surprised because my last Rottweiler would never have listened to me. I’ve
 attached one picture, I have more at home that I can
 send you.  This is the only one I have at work.  I’ll send a couple more
when I get a chance to get on the computer at home. 
Thought you might like to see these. As you know, Lexi is pushing
 10 months now. She is 100lbs now and sweet as can be.
Here is a pic of her .Johnie F. Allen
Hello and Merry Christmas to you and yours..... I am sorry about not
getting the new pics of Thor and his sissy to you earlier.  life is
 been a roller coaster... Well to Thor he has become a big baby and
a lap dog and is doing real good, he loves the kids and gets along with
other dogs... He has turned out to be a good dog and a very important part
 of are family.... Thor is about 120 pounds now and still growing... He
is in good health and living the good life and that is what a dog should
 live... His shots are up to date and just got neutered and he is a big ham
when we you take him out in the car or for a walk he turns heads and people
say how good he is when they pet him.  We are looking to move into a bigger
 house and a half acre with a big fence around it so if we do move there
I will be contacting you about a new female for him to have another sissy...
I had other rottys before and Thor has turned out to be the best one of
 all and I think he will get better with age.  Beth and
I  love him very much and will always love him.
He loves to be loved and he will get what ever he needs to have
a long happy life......Take care and god bless to you and yours...
Renaldo and Beth in PA....., Gold Hill Kennels, Rottweilers, Rottweiler breeders, puppies, rottweiler puppies for sale,