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Our Show Contract

Show/Working Contract
This is a legally-binding contract for the ownership of one Rottweiler Puppy:
Name: ______________________________________________VOM HAUS GOLD HILL

Sex: ___________________ from the “       ” litter   Whelped:  ________________________

AKC Registration #: WS________________             Tattoo # ________________________

Microchip #___________________________             Collar Color: _____________________

Sire: ________________________________________________________   AKC: WS____________________

Dam:________________________________________________________   AKC: WS____________________
This contract is made between the sellers, Melissa & or Bobby Kemp hereafter referred to as:
Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels or GHRK                    
 ([email protected])
And buyer:
Name: _________________________________________________________________
Address:  _____________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: ___________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________
Email:  ________________________________________________________________
It should be noted that this contract defines the responsibilities of the buyer and the seller and that it is written for the sole purpose of protecting the Rottweiler breed and the well-being of the puppy. It is hereby agreed by both parties that the following conditions will be met and that no other warranties or conditions are either expressed or implied:
1. This animal is being sold as a Show/Working/Breeding prospect. If this animal should develop a disqualifying fault according to the American Kennel Club or FCI Standard for the Rottweiler, you will need to provide a written document as proof that the said dog was disqualified from a show by a licensed judge. If the pup develops a fault, we would need the Flawed puppy/dog back and then another show quality replacement puppy may be purchased for the price of $1400 in the next available litter.  You can choose to keep the puppy and get another show quality pup; in that case we will take 700.00 off the price for the next show pup. This will be done only after the 1st dog has been rendered incapable of reproduction and a letter from a veterinarian attesting to this fact has been sent to Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels by certified mail and the treating veterinarian attests to the fact that he personally read the microchip number and records it on official letterhead and sends it to Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels by certified mail. We never offer a cash refund.  If you choose to spay or neuter your dog before the age of 2 years old, we are not responsible for your dog getting hip dysplasia or cancer. All of the guarantees of this contract will be null and void.  Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
2. Feeding: Our puppies are fed Sportsmix Wholesome Chicken & Rice Dog food. We recommend maintaining this diet for life. It is also our recommendation to feed the puppy 3 times a day until it is 6 months of age and then 2 times a day from then on.  Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
3. Temperament Development: The temperament in Rottweilers is largely determined by the genetic traits passed on to it by the parents. That is why we are firm believers in selective breeding for conformation and working ability. We want dogs that are protective in nature yet good around children, family, and friends. We feel that temperament and socialization are directly related to each other. In this regards, we spend a great deal of time socializing our puppies. Everyday our puppies experience human interaction and are put in different situations such as exposing them to different floor materials, varying noise levels, both with and without their littermates. We observe their actions and base further temperament assessment on their progress. It is also made known that further socialization needs to be present throughout this puppy’s lifetime. The crucial timeline to socialize a puppy is in between 8-16 weeks of age. Make sure that you don’t take your puppy to other places where sick dogs could be, (example: Pet smart or dog parks), but do take your puppy where you know that is safe, (example: downtown, or to your friend’s house or to a regular people park.)                      It must be pointed out that Schutzhund training, agility training, obedience training, protection training, carting training, weight pulling training, therapy work training, and tracking training, etc. are just that - training. No dog can just walk on a field and do these things. They must be trained, and trained correctly. We can sell you a dog with a good potential to do these things, but it is up to you to develop this potential in your dog. Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
4. This Rottweiler shall not be used for breeding purposes until it is at least twenty-four months of age, x-rayed clear of Hip Dysplasia and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and have no disqualifying faults. Should this Rottweiler be bred without the above qualifications met, Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels will have the right to repossess the Rottweiler and all monies invested thus far by the Buyer will be forfeited. If the Rottweiler in question is a bitch, Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels may also repossess any offspring from the breeding in question. Buyer: __________ GHRK: MK
5. This Rottweiler shall carry the Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennel name in all advertising or conformation shows and obedience trials. The name on the litter registration MUST BE THE SAME AS ON THIS CONTRACT and cannot be changed ever! You can give your Rottweiler puppy whatever “call name” that you choose, but will be registered with the Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels name. Failure to comply will nullify and make void all warrantees in this contract .  Buyer: _________ GHRK: MK
6. Total price is to be paid in full by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old or reservation of puppy is cancelled and all deposits and down payments will be placed on another litter, unless other arrangements have been made. Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels will take care of the AKC registration paperwork, but you will bring 40.00 at the time of pickup for this cost and Gold Hill Kennels can take care of the processing of DNA($40) and AKC Companion Animal Recovery ID System Microchip ($60) also can be provided. If you would like for us to provide the DNA & Micro chipping service then please make the request and pay the total of ($100) at the time of pickup or prior if the pup is being shipped.  Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
7. Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels warrants that this Rottweiler puppy is the Progeny of animals X-rayed clear of Hip Dysplasia. If this Rottweiler develops Hip Dysplasia, as evidenced by an OFA evaluation, by age 26 months, and has been evaluated that it is not been due to abuse on the joints, then Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels will do the following: for Borderline to mild hip dysplasia- We will sell you another puppy out of an equivalent breeding for the price of $1400.00. Buyer will pay all shipping charges and cost of flight & crate, if needed. For Moderate to Severe Hip Dysplasia - We will give you another puppy out of an equivalent breeding. Buyer will pay for all shipping charges and cost of the flight & crate, if needed. GHRK will need a copy of the OFA certificate. The puppy will be replaced only after the Rottweiler has been rendered incapable of reproduction and the treating veterinarian attests to the fact that he/she personally read the microchip number and records it on official letterhead and sends it to Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels by certified mail. If you choose to spay or neuter your dog before the age of 2 years old, we are not responsible for your dog getting hip dysplasia or cancer. All of the guarantees of this contract will be null and void. We never offer a cash refund. Buyer: __________ GHRK: MK
8. Buyer certifies that he/she is not acting as an agent for another individual in the purchase of this Rottweiler and that he will not sell this Rottweiler or any of it's offspring to any agent, pet store, puppy mill, i.e., mass commercial kennel, or guard dog business. Buyer: ____________ GHRK: MK
9. TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP-If at any time the Buyer can no longer retain possession of this Rottweiler, Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels is to be notified and the Rottweiler shall not be sold, given to, or adopted to anyone else, nor shall there be any transfer of ownership to any firm, corporation, or organization of other homeless animals, such as a rescue facility, or research facility.  The Rottweiler purchased from the Breeder, Bobby or Melissa Kemp, and must be returned to the breeder, Bobby or Melissa Kemp, if for any reason they can no longer keep it, without any refund of monies.  Violation of this contractual agreement will result in court costs and attorney fees payable by the purchaser (s) if necessary for the Breeder, Bobby or Melissa Kemp, to redeem the Rottweiler. Purchaser: ___________ GHRK: MK           
10. Buyer certifies and agrees that this Rottweiler shall reside at his/her home and agrees to take proper safeguards for the care and safety of this Rottweiler including proper shelter, food, water, exercise, socialization, proper training for obedience, and have regular immunizations and examinations by a veterinarian, maintain heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention. The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for this Rottweiler, and never allow this Rottweiler to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the HEALTH, anatomical make-up, appearance, and temperament of the above-described Rottweiler.  This Rottweiler shall never be put on a chain or tied out.  Purchaser: ___________ GHRK: MK           
11. Buyer agrees to send pictures of this Rottweiler at 6 months of age and then annually to Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels. Buyer agrees to send a front and profile close-up photo of the head and also a front and side close-up shot of the entire dog in an alert and baited standing position. Buyer agrees to send copies of any titles the dog may receive throughout its life. Buyer also agrees to give an update to GHRK on the dog from time to time or when asked by GHRK. Buyer gives GHRK permission to use the pictures sent by the buyer on GHRK website, to be able to show the progeny of what is being produced by GHRK.  Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
12. This Rottweiler shall be registered with the AKC by Gold Hill Kennels. Buyer is responsible for paying this fee to Gold Hill Kennels at the time of pickup. Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels cannot be held responsible for delays in processing registration papers by AKC and warrants that this Rottweiler is fully register able with AKC. Registration will be completed by Gold Hill Kennels after the 48 hr. time-frame and the puppy has been vet checked and cleared of any illness. In some cases where conditions have to be met, AKC paperwork may be withheld until conditions are met by the Buyer. Buyer: _________ GHRK: MK
13. Buyer agrees to at the very least take this Rottweiler puppy through a puppy socialization class at 16 weeks of age after receiving all puppy vaccinations and then a basic obedience training class by the age of one year old. Training should at a minimum consist of Come, Heel, Sit, Down and Stay. A copy of the class completion certificate or letter from the training director must be submitted to the breeder within one month of the completion of the training. Socializing your dog should be an ongoing process throughout the dog’s entire lifetime. Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
14. Show/working quality does not mean that this puppy is guaranteed to become a "champion." Show/working quality means that at the time of purchase the puppy exhibits no disqualifying faults and is considered to be a promising show/working prospect. Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
If your puppy/dog is being sold with its tail intact (natural tail), Buyer agrees to leave the tail unaltered. Docking the tail without clear medical reason will be considered abuse/neglect by Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels. Buyer: ________ GHRK: MK
15. No other contract or law is implied other than what is stated in this contract. Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
16. The Buyer agrees that any and all transportation costs, to and/or from the Breeder’s premises will be the cost of the Buyer. Buyer: _______ GHRK: MK
17. Buyer hereby releases from responsibility Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels and or its officers from any and all liabilities and/or damages by fault of this Rottweiler after the Rottweiler is in the care or possession of the Buyer. These damages and liabilities include but are not limited to destruction of property and physical damage to any person or group of people. We are not responsible for how the buyer raises their puppy. We do encourage buyers to take the puppy to obedience classes and socialize the dog throughout its lifetime. We also encourage the buyers to treat their dog like a dog, not a human. (Please read Becoming Pack Leader on our website). Buyer: ________ GHRK: MK
18. The Buyer agrees not to take this puppy to any place frequented by other dogs or puppies until all vaccinations are completed due to the risk of contracting deadly diseases including Parvovirus. The Buyer further promises to complete all vaccinations in a timely manner. For more information on Parvovirus and other diseases, please contact me via email or phone. Buyer: ________ GHRK: MK
19. Understand that your puppy will grow at a very rapid pace during the first 24 months. Buyer agrees to provide responsible care in regards to bones/joints by providing dog food especially formulated for Large Breed puppies until 24 months or of age and restricting harsh exercises (such as forced running, jumping higher than dog’s shoulder, jumping down heights taller than themselves, also not to let them go repeatedly go up and down staircases until the age of 18 months to help prevent hip dysplasia and joint dislocations. Buyer: _________ GHRK: MK
20. If the Rottweiler is ever found to be the victim of abuse or neglect, Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels WILL ASSUME IMMEDIATE POSSESSION OF THE Rottweiler AND WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO PURSUE LEGAL ACTION. All monies invested in the Rottweiler thus far will be forfeited by the Buyer. Buyer: ________ GHRK: MK
21. Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, the terms of this guarantee will not b honered unless they are given NuVet Plus immune system builder, as directed by the manfacturer, for the entire guarantee period. Failure to do so will render this guaranee null and void except where prohibited by law. We also highly recommend you to continue to give your pet NuVet Plus beyond the guarantee period to promote optimal health for a lifetime.  
22. Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels warrants that the Rottweiler Puppy is in good health at time of transfer. New owners have 48 hours upon receiving the animal to have him/her examined by their veterinarian and to notify Gold Hill Rottweiler kennels if there are any health concerns. Buyer: _______ GHRK: MK
The above agreement is made and signed this _______ day of _____________________ 2018, by Gold Hill Rottweiler Kennels and the buyer to assure the well-being of this Rottweiler and its offspring. Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
Should it become necessary to enforce any part of this contract by legal means, any and all attorney's fees, court costs, and travel expenses will be the responsibility of the buyer. This contract shall be deemed a legally-binding contract and is under the jurisdiction of the state of North Carolina in the Courts of Salisbury. It is further agreed that the place of venue shall be Salisbury, NC. I, we, the buyer, hereby verify that we have read this contract, understand its complete contents, and agree to it fully: Buyer: ___________ GHRK: MK
Signature of Buyer: _________________________________________________
Date ___ / ___ / 20___
Signature of Witness: _______________________________________________
Date ___ / ___ / 20___
GHRK: ________________________________________________________________
Date ___ / ___ / 20___
Signature of Witness: _______________________________________________
Date ___ / ___ / 20___, Gold Hill Kennels, Rottweilers, Rottweiler breeders, puppies, rottweiler puppies for sale,